Management Services

Business Strategy and Planning

  • Advice clients on its Business strategy and Planning based on detail analysis of Data and business trend, External , Internal Factors and various regulatory compliances

  • Helping clients on Financial Planning- Forecast, Budget, Cash Flow etc

  • Financial analysis of clients business and provide suggestion to help management in decision making

Receivable Management

  • Analysis of Clients Outstanding , formulating policies to improve Cash Flow

  • Providing MIS on Debtors Outstanding-DSO, Bad Debts analysis, Risk analysis etc help Management to understand Receivable Position

  • Help clients to recover Debtors outstanding by experience collection team

  • Provide Legal services in case of Cheques dishonoured cases or Disputed or old outstanding by panel of experienced lawyer

Inventory Management

  • Guide clients on proper inventory Management by using various Techniques –ABC Analysis, Stock Audit, economic order quantity etc

  • Valuation of Inventory

Supply Chain Management

  • Provide services to clients through experienced Logistic professional to set up warehouse system, Domestic/International Freight accounting system

  • Provide services to clients by detail study of Transportation Cost and suggest to reduce this cost considerably

  • Analysis of clients business and study operational cost involved in various stage of services

  • Make clients aware about large scope of reduction in Logistic Cost by effective supply chain Management-Operational efficiency etc